3 000 online dating never revealed secrets

Men are always considered as the leader in a relationship. However, many men get troubles when they present sex ability, as well as their love to their wife.

To get tips how to be a better lover for men, you will recognize that becoming a better lover is not difficult as you think.

So wonderful if you do not have to work hard but receive a perfect result.

For instance, you can talk dirty to her, write some amatory stories, do some fantastic activities, do role play, or send some sexy texts.

Besides, your hair should be down, trimmed, and neat, as well as the clothes should be clean and fresh. Almost of the women like you slow down when getting sex with her. Using a condom is also an effective way to manage your climax and you will last longer sex performance.

Do you know this question will pressure her and will make the magic thoughts gone?

If possible, get your experience about sex, but do not ask her such as question during sex performance, but let her know your confusion after finishing it.

You will know what she wants during sex performance if both of you are deep in communication with each other.

A man will be an incredible lover if he knows when they come and how to please his woman.

Actually, there is not formal advice for slowing down or doing fast, but adjust the time to reach orgasm is a smart way in sex relationship. Basically, you can make your woman love you more and she will desire you day by day. You will get no trouble if you are masterful in basic sex position before you improve your ability.

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