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You answer questions about not only about your appearance, but also about your religious beliefs and career.

Setting up your profile is fun because of the unique questions you’re asked, like what your ideal date would entail and whether you’d prefer to be weird or normal.

You also answer these questions from the perspective of your ideal mate to ensure you are paired with compatible people.

All you need is a Facebook account and cell phone number are required to set up a Tinder account and once you’re on and specify what gender you’re interested in matching with, the app lets you upload up to six photos and write a short paragraph about yourself.

You also have the option to link your other social media accounts so people can see what else you get up to.

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With so much choice - there are over 8000 dating sites worldwide, with the US alone having 2500, finding the best online dating site or dating app can prove a bit of a headache. At Top Ten Reviews, we’ve been reviewing online dating services for the past fifteen years, watching them evolve and change with the times.

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