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However, as stated in an article by Plagiarism Today (Why Bother With a Copyright Notice, published June 27, 2012), there are three key benefits a copyright notice provides: 1) Though most countries do not require a notice, having a notice may provide some protection in those that do; 2) It prevents confusion on the nature of the work and keeps others from thinking it is not copyrighted; and 3) It eliminates innocent infringer claims, maximizing the amount of damages that you can win should you decide to sue. However, recent case law has seemingly expanded the ADA to websites and is therefore something to consider in maintaining a website used by the public.

All Rights Reserved.” As with TOU’s, there is no legal requirement mandating that websites contain copyright notice. This law, enacted in 1990, does not specifically address website accessibility for the disabled.Another important reason to have a TOU is to limit the website owner’s liability for any errors or omissions contained on the site.A copyright notice should appear on at least all of the main pages of the site.Generally, a privacy policy should include: 1) the categories of ‘personally identifiable information’ the website collects and the categories of third-parties with whom the information might be shared; 2) a description of any process that allows the consumer to change its ‘personally identifiable information’ collected by the website; 3) the process by which the a website informs the consumer of material changes to its privacy policy; 4) the effective date of the privacy policy; 5) how the website responds to Web browser ‘do not track’ signals; and 6) a disclosure relating to whether other parties may collect ‘personally identifiable information’ about the consumer’s online activities over time and across different websites when a consumer uses the operator’s website.In California, if your website fails to comply with OPPA requirements, you may be subject to lawsuits brought under California’s unfair competition law, either by government officials or private citizens, and seeking both civil penalties and equitable relief.

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As I have already explained, IE still holds a major market share and is one of the most underrated browsers on the market. So the first and most necessary step is defining a perfect cross browser testing strategy. If you find out that your website doesn’t work on certain browsers, it’s time to make some minute changes to your code.

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