Accommodating the a 380

Fourteen years will be an awfully short run for a jetliner that took fifteen years and cost billion to develop.I feel a certain glee in learning that production of the Boeing 747 — a plane whose future is itself in serious peril — will outlive that of the A380, the jet that took its place as biggest in the world.The 747, which fifty years ago went from a literal napkin sketch to a fully functional airplane in a mere two years, was more than And a lot uglier.Yeah, I’ve written some pretty unkind things over the years about the A380’s lack of aesthetic grace — most of them fully deserved.

Once those orders are filled, some time in 2021, the line will shut.For all its technological accomplishments, let’s face it, it’s not a pretty plane — a sort of lumbering beluga with an outsize forehead.Nothing like the elegant, erudite lines of the 747.With requests for customized and personalized vacations rising sharply, both agents and traditional tour operators are changing their businesses to meet that demand.Smaller ships (accommodating 500 passengers or less) are good for an intimate environment that tends to feature highly personalized service and, often, unique itineraries.

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