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Hysterectomy can diminish sexual function either directly because of the disconnection of the nerves and blood vessels that supply sexual energy or indirectly via the loss of critical hormones when or if the ovaries are removed or cease to function.

And for many women, those with endometriosis, the hysterectomy itself provides only temporary relief from the disease process.

A steamy sex scene in a novel or movie or a hot looking guy no longer elicited sexual feelings. That was a very sad day for me and I still mourn the loss of my intact sexuality.

Some may question whether these changes are really due to the loss of my uterus or more so from the loss of my ovaries.

Contractions of the uterus are listed as a part of the Orgasm phase. Hence, it would make sense that orgasm is negatively impacted by hysterectomy, ovary removal or not.

I have read, however, that some women do not experience uterine orgasm.

The stimuli triggers increased blood flow (vasocongestion) to the genitalia.

Many nerves, blood vessels, and ligaments are severed to remove the uterus.

So for them, a hysterectomy may not affect their orgasms.

I realized very quickly after my hysterectomy that my libido, arousal, and ability to orgasm were broken.

In many cases, women have a hysterectomy to rectify conditions associated with heavy bleeding and/or excessive pain like fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis and cysts.

Reducing pain and bleeding should positively affect sexual frequency; however, effects on function may vary.

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