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It isn’t so strange for countries to have different calendars — Israel officially works according to the Jewish calendar and Saudi Arabia has an Isalmic calendar. The time on my phone, which is set to the correct time zone, reads p.m. Because Ethiopia is close to the Equator, daylight is pretty consistent throughout the year. in East Africa Time, Ethiopia's time zone, is in daylight hours in local Ethiopian time.

So many Ethiopians use a 12-hour clock, with one cycle of 1 to 12 — from dawn to dusk — and the other cycle from dusk to dawn. At p.m., East Africa Time, Ethiopians start over again, so it's on their 12-hour clock.

No.;" mother's full name; telephone number; date of birth; place of birth; sex; ethnicity; occupation; a sealed photo; the name of a person to be called in case of an accident; the date of issue; the name of the person who issued the card; and a signature (Canada 17 Sept. The ID card also contains the following notice on the back of the card: [translation] If you found this ID card please return it to the above mentioned address or to the concerned city administration The resident should always hold this ID card When the resident vacate[s] from the Kebele he/she should retu[r]n the ID [card]. Internet sites, including: Africa Confidential; Africa Research Bulletin;; Edison TD; Ethiopian Herald; Ethiopian Organization in the Greater Toronto Area; Europa World Plus; Factiva; Keesing's Documentchecker; Norway - Landinfo; United Nations - Refworld. Documents earlier than 2003 may be found only on Refworld. Sometimes, words or phrases just cannot be converted word-for-word from one language to the next.But in most places, the date and the time works pretty much the same all over the world. There, it’s currently the end of the fifth month of 2007. In the back of a cab in Addis Ababa, a colleague and I ask our driver for the time. He chuckles and adds, “In Ethiopia.”That’s because in Ethiopia, there are two ways to tell the time.According to its website, the Addis Ababa Government Acts and Civil Status Document Registration Office registers vital events of residents of Addis Ababa, including births, and provides residents with legal documents or certificates (Ethiopia 22 July 2011). The Canadian official provided the Research Directorate with a sample of a birth certificate issued in Addis Ababa, which is attached to this Response.

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In Ethiopia, people have chosen to stick with what’s simple — 12 and 12. Sure, he says, it can be confusing for foreigners at first.

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