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If a RON is net fishing, then a brokering site is bait fishing.As opposed to the buy first, optimize later mentality, you have to cherry-pick premium traffic before contacting the site owner directly.Some say tier-1 (T1) countries (such as US, UK, Canada and Australia) are too competitive. For example, if you have an English offer that accepts media carrier billing, even if you wish to be big in Canada, media carrier billing is non-existent there.But, for new affiliates approaching Media Buying for the first time — it may very well be better off starting with tier-2 (T2) countries (such as France, Germany, Brazil, and others) that will get results even with lower traffic. So it’s better to concentrate on some English speaking European countries that could be T1 like England, or T2 like Ireland.Others may suggest concentrating on T1 countries strictly because of their high volumes of traffic to help you gather statistics faster. Sometimes it makes more sense to try to catch the leprechaun than chase the American dream…

This, as you can imagine, is absolutely perfect for the beginner!In adult, the five main Ad Networks are Traffic Junky, Exo Click, Traffic Factory, Grand Slam Media and Media Reps.So it is to your benefit to learn their guidelines, explore their platforms, and get familiar with your Ad Network of choice!Never put all your eggs — or traffic here — all in one basket. If you had put all your savings into AAA Mortgages Bonds in 2007… There are two ways to go when you want to buy traffic on an Ad Network… Advantage: it gives you a better price than what you would have typically paid for their best source of traffic.A RON is a package that will include many sources of traffic. Disadvantage: you will need to optimize your network after your first test, to discard bad sources of traffic.

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Once you know your sales flow, you should have a good general idea of which traffic will convert best to your offer at this point.

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