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Then they blame it on their brothers/the cat/creaky floorboards. Then when your cycles sync up and you have a migraine, well…wine is your friend. She is surrounded by other girls at school 8 hours a day; since you cannot control their body issues, or their mothers’ body issues, or their mothers’ mothers’ body issues, she will need your constant reassurance that she is perfect and beautiful. If you can’t protect her from it, I say try to balance out the negative with some positive. She will astound you and make you feel downright stupid with her brilliance. What I mean is that she sees when you’ve been crying and hugs you before anyone else even notices you were feeling down.

She has more attitude and snark than can possibly be handled by one human in a single day. And even though you’re a wise, mature adult, you’ll find yourself dishing it right back! She’s just the student in this class; you’re the master! No matter what you do, she will develop her own, anyways. I’m not saying you’ll take her to her first kegger or dish with her about all your past and her future sexual exploits.

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows a 25 percent drop in the U. teen birth rate from 2007 to 2011—good news because most Americans hope that young people will wait until maturity to begin a family.

There will sometimes be things you can’t talk with her about, but you know if you need a hug and some chocolate, she’ll always have your back.

She is your best girlfriend and I hope she always will be.

Pack some granola bars away in the glove box, my friend. “I have a headache,” “my knee hurts,” “I have cramps. There’s not much that can be done about them, but when you suggest going to the doctor and let her know that blood will probably have to be drawn, suddenly she feels all better!

A friend’s house, various sports practices, dance classes, extra school assignments that can’t possibly get done during school hours. You logically know that 90% of these aches and pains are probably hormonal or growing pains since she’s shot up 6 inches in the last 3 years. So, embrace that pretty pink bundle of newborn, snuggle with that grumpy sticky toddler, dance ridiculously with your tween tomboy, and know what lies ahead is a chaotic mess of insecurities, heartaches, beauty, and love.

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