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I am a huge fan of horses and motorcycles now because of Ty. Amanda on November 23, at I knew the show was unique and had great substance. I'm just wondering, if you ever had the chance to write your own episode of Heartland, what do you think you'd have more of?

What is your favourite thing to take pictures of and have you ever published any of your photographs?

But adjusting to Amy’s new grooming habits this season has been a learning curve for the London, Ont., native — and her fans are quick to notice.

“This year, as part of the changes for my character, they wanted me to have beautiful nails and that’s something I have never ever had.

Hey Graham, I love Heartland, you, and all of the other actors. My question for you is how are you similar and different from Ty as a person?

My question to you is: If you weren't an actor, what would your career be at the moment? Sindusha on November 23, at If I weren't acting in Heartland I would probably be working behind the camera in some way. Lara on November 23, at There are choices Ty will make as a character that I don't agree with but I do understand his motives.

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Megan on November 23, at A few years ago my father bought a new DSLR and left it lying on the table.

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