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I'm not telling you this as a way to turn you off from dating abroad, but to show you what NOT to do.

You can meet up with other millennial singles, hiking groups or even other solo travelers.

When you're traveling things are more in the moment. If your new group of expat friends want to go to a mixer, say yes even if you're skeptical.

You might miss out on meeting a wonderful person who can show you the city through their local point of view just because he was driving a punch buggy. You're bound to meet new people and possibly a new sweetie too. Use Dating Apps If you're looking for love, lust or a free tour guide (lol), you should definitely be using dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, while you're abroad.

They decided to meet up at a popular a bar in London, so our entire friend group went along as a way to mix and mingle with his friends.

The dude ended up whisking away my friend and before we knew it they had disappeared.

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Lower Your Standards (kinda)Listen, if you want a 6'2 man with the perfect body who's intelligent AND drives a Mercedes. It's not that you have to lower your standards because you're abroad, but you should.

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