Are alex gaskarth and lisa ruocco still dating 2016

Ruocco and Gaskarth have been dating since high school.They have had an on and off relationship due to Gaskarth constantly being on tour and at one point, Ruocco has cheated on Gaskarth while away on tour. That's her profile But t the moment, no one is really sure if the two are still dating. The only people who he opens up to are family, band mats, and His girlfriend (who just got engaged! Alex has said his brother did not commit suicide, he died in his sleep.Lisa Ruocco ( who his his most current girlfriend) and Alex have stopped following each other on twitter. ) Updated answer: Alex has recently started talking about his brother, to stop the misinformation that keeps circulating on the internet. Yes - he died in his sleep - he did NOT commit suicide as keeps circulating on the internet.There is no any rumor of separation between the blessed couple.Alex Gaskarth also has been the part of the controversy.

Since getting married to till date, the lovely couple is happy in their married life.

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Alex proposed his wife, Lisa on his one knee ahead of ATL flying down under to tour and with her acceptance; the couple got engaged in 2015.

The brides wedding dress was designed by an Israeli designer Inbal Dror.

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