Are you dating an alpha female

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We somewhat get a high off of a challenge, making the alpha female difficult to date. If we have a problem, you will more than likely know about it. There will be few moments you find us stuck in a tower asking to be rescued.If an alpha female notices a teenager doesn’t give up his seat on the bus to an elderly individual, she’ll speak up.If this type of behavior embarrasses you then don’t date an alpha female.In other words, if you’re dating an alpha female and are jealous that she has a male friend you don’t get to act petty or passive aggressive. If someone asks an alpha female what she thinks of them, she is going to tell them, so don’t ask if you’re not ready for the real answer.Alpha females can be tremendous mirrors, ready to show accurate reflections of who you are.

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  1. Now as a male player I've noticed that it seems there's a LOT of attractive females skins and champs and I never paid much attention to it because I assumed it went both ways. Now It seems to me that you disproportionately sexualize female characters more than male but that seems like a broad statement so allow me to specify: You made 3 female characters whose lore literally includes and promotes being seductive and hot despite no male character even coming close to matching that lore and the fact that I can't even find one male character with some kind of seductive or even succubus adjacent lore.