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Both apps also use the same tan, textured background within the app, creating a sense of unity between design despite both platforms being extremely different to use.

So beyond basic chats, what does Whats App provide?

The Facebook-owned messaging service—that’s right, Facebook also both Facebook Messenger, the second most-popular messaging app worldwide—absolutely dominates countries like Mexico, India, Brazil, and other developing countries where data plans are far more expensive than what we’ve seen in the US.

Whats App is, outside of a couple small features, a pure messaging app that doesn’t bog your phone down with unnecessary resource drains and poorly-optimized features.

Feature-wise, both apps are near-identical to each other, with the i OS and Android versions both including standard messaging features expected by consumers in 2018.

Within each chat interface, you’ll find options to send photos both from your gallery and your camera automatically, video or audio clips to your friends over Wi Fi or data, location information, and even contact information to your friends and family members using the app.

On Android, the app looks quite a bit different, with a tab-based interface and solid forest green color scheme that more closely relates to the messaging apps we’ve seen on Android, like Google’s own SMS messaging app or Hangouts.So, if you’re tired of the constant spam, or you want to get away from the younger audience that’s taken over Kik in recent years, let’s check out seven of the best Kik alternatives for both i OS and Android.Whats App is not quite as popular stateside as competitors like i Message or Hangouts, but more than half the world uses Whats App as their primary communication app, dominating 109 countries as of 2016.Even worse, Kik has become predominantly filled with spam and underage users, making it difficult to chat with other users without risking being blown up with spam or talking to a high school student from a distant state.All of this makes Kik an increasingly poor choice, both for communicating with your friends and for meeting new people online.

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