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Thank you for being faithful to what’s important in the world and local news. Thanks again Johndaniel darrow The number of notifications just keep adding up on the face of the icon.

you’re always there with A unbiased look at what’s happening. I had 1 notification in red, then opened app and read the story that was new.

Get weather forecasts, traffic updates, local headlines and much more. I left the valley in 2015 traveled around the United States and wound up in Florida.

We want to keep you informed 24/7—whether it’s a monsoon storm threatening your Arizona neighborhood or the latest news with the Cardinals or Diamondbacks. I still turn to f OXNews channel 10 Arizona for my news.

She was arrested at her apartment complex on May 8 after failing to appear to multiple court hearings. I can't believe I scared him."Ades is currently being held at Maricopa County jail with no bond.

The woman said Smith’s home had a BDS-style dungeon with a large cage.

Smith allegedly forced the woman to sign a contract that required her to sleep in the cage while wearing a shock collar – a device he supposedly used on multiple occasions, Fox 10 reported.

The man called police in July 2017 when he discovered Ades parked outside his home.

Others joked it looked like the little girl had weathered a wild night on the town, while many parents agreed that their own children frequently returned home from school looking a whole lot worse for the wear than when they departed.“If they're messy, dirty, clothes disheveled it usually means they've had great fun,” one wise user wrote. ”As for Lucie’s own family, they’re still reeling from the news that her story has gone so far and wide.“We can’t believe it has gone viral,” her mom told Barrhead News.

“Her dad had messaged me from work, asking how her first day went, and I said to him, ‘You won’t believe the state she’s in.’”Falconer described Lucie, the youngest of her four children, as her “wee madam," explaining that the little girl likely tuckered herself out during the school day fueled by the excitement of being reunited with her friends, according to Metro.

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