Back dating tax credits

It encourages claimants to contact the payment helpline on 03.

The payment helpline is part of the contact centre directorate in HMRC.

In January 2018, HMRC stopped accepting personal credit cards as a form of payment. The TC610 (see Step 1 in the table above) normally gives claimants 42 days to pay the amount stated.

Often in tax credit cases the amount due can be several thousands and most claimants will not be able to pay it immediately.

What claimants are not told at this point is that DM have a time to pay system that allows repayments over much longer periods.

The following time to pay options are available: HMRC have the power to use charging orders against a claimant’s residence where a debt is owed.

Direct Recovery Direct recovery cases are dealt with by Debt Management (DM) which is a separate arm of HMRC to the Tax Credit Office (who deal with ongoing recovery issues).

If no contact can be made, or the claimant refuses to make a payment arrangement, HMRC may consider using one of their enforcement powers such as taking control of goods (distraint) or county court action to recovery the debt.

If that claim has ended, or if the claim is a ‘nil’ award (entitlement exists but no payments are due as income is too high) then HMRC will send the debt to their Debt Management (DM) arm for collection by direct recovery.

HMRC introduced new IT from October 2014 to allow ‘cross claim’ recovery whereby overpayments on a claim that has ended can be recovered from a subsequent new claim even if it is made in a different capacity (for example an overpayment from an old single claim can be recovered against a new claim as a couple).

You can read more below in our DWP and tax credit debt section.

It should be noted that claimants do not have a choice between ‘ongoing’ and ‘direct’ recovery.

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This means that tax credit claimants who claim UC will have tax credit debts recovered from their UC payments.

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