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Makoto Niijima, for instance, struggles with the outside world’s expectations thrust onto her as Shujin Academy’s student council president, and through the relationship figures out her own wants and needs for the future.

Futaba Sakura, on the other hand, learns to cope with social anxiety by becoming closer with the protagonist and rebuilding her friendship with an old childhood friend.

As the protagonist’s Confidant rank with Kawakami grows, their relationship can take on an intimate tone.

Kidwell has written extensively about Mass Effect’s romantic plotlines in the past for Polygon by ranking them from worst to best.

In Persona 5, the player has the opportunity to romance Sadayo Kawakami, the protagonist’s homeroom teacher, after he calls up an adult maid service and finds out that his teacher moonlights as a sex worker.

This opens up Kawakami to a larger game design system called “Confidants,” which lets players build close relationships with other characters in exchange for in-game perks.

But in reality, couples new and old have to face negative circumstances in order to grow as people.

And saying the right things at the right time doesn’t necessarily lead to sex.

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“It's basically everyone is always OK with kissing Shepard as long as she presses the right response.” When games focus so heavily on positive interactions that they forget about the building blocks behind a romantic relationship, then they downplay the complex themes and messages that romantic storylines can tell.

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