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Packed with violence and nudity, is in many ways a textbook example of what the anime genre is about because Kon infused the film with a progressively convoluted storyline that’s bursting with surreal and dream-like instances of imagery.

However, at the heart of ’s rough-around-the-edges style hardly prevented it from becoming a cult classic of incredible proportions.

But with Pixar and Dream Works releasing such landmark titles as These animated films have obviously been designed to appeal to adults only.

Some are even packed with as much sex, violence, and cursing as their raunchiest live-action counterparts.

This notorious big-screen adaptation of the popular Comedy Central series -- as a musical, no less -- has certainly lived up to its reputation as one of the most foul-mouthed films to ever hit cinemas, with the movie’s excessively adult-oriented sensibilities landing it a place within Guinness World Records’ "Most Swearing in an Animated Film" category.

’s probing nature – which led Roger Ebert to remark that "the movie is like a cold shower of bracing, clarifying ideas" – is only heightened by its trippy and dream-like animation style, with the movie’s unique visuals earning it a Best Experimental Film award from the National Society of Film Critics.They exist in a space somewhere between porn, poetry, art, dreamscape and nightmare.Supplicant is a meditation on religion and power and sex. The undertones of tension that are imbued in repression and reverence,” writes performer/filmmaker Vex Ashley, as is her way. If Alfred Hitchcock was a queer POC, the award-winning full-length thriller “Snapshot” might have been the result.I emerge a little wrecked and with a possibly unhealthy lust for Parker Marx, but found 12 super good ones, each pretty in their own way.Every movie here has a little something extra—a decent plot, super arty lighting, or maybe just a dude who looks amazing when he climaxes.

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What's not here: excessively long French tips, fakey “ohyeahohyeahohyeahs” and men being demeaning in the not-sexy way. These movies are totally porn, but it's porn that's somehow elevated, as Tan on Queer Eye might put it.

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