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Jillian comes into the gym and apologizes for "blowing up" after Matt says that the five members (all except Nick) need her more than anything.

The trainers then teach the contestants how to order out in the real world. Whoever drinks the most 40 calorie milkshakes will get free meals for the rest of the week, and get to choose one other person to have the same reward.

Their goal is to collect as many balls as they can before time runs out, while floating in a zero-gravity atmosphere. As a reward, the men get to hinder any member of the Blue Team with a 5-pound weight disadvantage. She loses 20 pounds, and wins the weigh-in for the Blue Team. If they eat what's inside a food platter they can read the letter from home made for them.

Season 2 introduces that the player on the losing team with the highest percentage of weight loss will have immunity. The Red Team criticized Ruben for not working out as hard after losing the weigh-in; he is then voted off. Despite Mark trying to get Shannon to participate, everyone resists.

Also, as a reward, the girls get an extra day to work out before the weigh-in.

Matt casts the deciding vote to send Nick home with a 4-2 vote.The show is hosted by comedian Caroline Rhea, with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels joining as the two personal trainers.The contestants were divided into two teams: men in red and women in blue, with each team assigned to their own personal trainer of the opposite sex. The show concluded November 29, 2005, when Matt was declared "The Biggest Loser", winning 0,000.The Red Team consists of all the men and is trained by Jillian, while the Blue Team consists of all the women and is trained by Bob.The contestants' first challenge is in a nose diving airplane. It comes down to Suzy, who must lose more than 19 pounds.

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This week's challenge is to run on a moving train and bring medicine balls throughout the train.

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