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We need to learn more from younger whippersnappers.I also wish that more of the leading current researchers in our top journals more openly shared on the AECM.And I would truly like to inspire some of our younger and newer members of this profession to share more frequently with us.It seems like our most active contributors are getting along somewhat in years." Or try one of these answers: (Animal) "Oh, any crepuscular animal would do well for me -- a rabbit or a bat, perhaps." (Crepuscular means most active during dawn and dusk, so you'll get to show off your extensive vocab.) (Soup) "Probably the low-sodium chicken broth." Fix the interviewer with a penetrating gaze -- she won't know whether you're mocking her imbecilic question or are deadly serious. By now, such a large percentage of the job-seeking public has gotten clued in on the politically correct answer to this one -- which is, "I'm a hopeless workaholic" -- that the question's utility is limited. It's another thing to ask what you don't do well and expect to get a forthright answer -- in a context where it's clear to both parties that you're being weeded in or out.The most honest answer might be this: "That's for me to know and you to find out." But that won't help your chances.

They do a great service to me personally by helping me to learn and to keep me from spreading long-lasting errors on the AECM.Click here to search Bob Jensen's web site if you have key words to enter --- Search Site.For example if you want to know what Jensen documents have the term "Enron" enter the phrase Jensen AND Enron.My hope that some of our many lurkers will be become sharers in the likes of Jensen, Dunbar, Albrecht, Beresford, Fordham, Williams, Jagdish 1, Jagdish 2, Bonicker, Sansing, Campbell, Scribner, and the various others who weekly make the AECM something special.I include in this list the many of you who make less frequent but often more useful comments/replies on the AECM.

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