Bpd ultrasound dating table

The real time ultrasound scanner has given a number of ultrasonic biometric parameters to determine GA.

Most commonly fetal parameters used to determine GA are bi-parietal diameter (BPD), crown-rump length, head circumference and femur length.

Average growth rate of BPD was found to be 0.31 cm/week from 13 to 28 weeks which then later reduced to 0.23 cm/week from 28 to 36 weeks of gestation.

Therefore, prediction from ultrasound should be more accurate.

Therefore, large scale studies should be done and population-specific tables should be derived to correlate BPD and GA.

Keywords: Antenatal, bi-parietal diameter, expected date of delivery, gestational age, pregnancy, ultrasonography How to cite this article: Jaiswal P, Masih WF, Jaiswal S, Chowdhary DS.

Not only has it provided information about age but also fetal weight and growth of the fetus.

In a country like India where most females don't keep a record of last menstrual period (LMP) then these parameters are valuable in estimating GA of fetus.

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