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And I never saw him fight back.”” He put the horse on a trailer, Durango to Juarez. He got off, came here, saw the cedar chips in the stall barn…

Anyway, so I can get Griffin on him.”Griffin is Fraser's eldest son—15 years old. Um, and so he needs extra love in the world, and he gets it.

The horse loves it, the repetitive motion that kids on the spectrum have that they love. You know, you have to find those tools, strategies. I just feel better.”And that's how I spend my first hour with Brendan Fraser. “I love forests and the seasons and…burning wood,” he says. And I got my Screen Actors Guild card and an extra 50 bucks for the stunt adjustment, ’cause they threw me into a pinball machine.

Fraser lives down a dirt road, in a tall, angular house with a wide lawn that descends to a glittering lake. His sons live with his former wife, Afton, in Greenwich, Connecticut, just across the state line from Bedford. He disappears for a moment, and then suddenly the sound of synthesizers comes from the speakers overhead, followed by a Pandora ad. I think I bruised a rib, but I was like: the film that helped turn him into a star, Fraser played a caveman recently freed from a block of ice in modern-day California; he likes to joke, or simply recount, that his audition consisted of wordlessly wrestling a plant.

He can't help but digress—“Instead of telling you what time it is, I might give you the history of horology,” he says, in the middle of saying something else. His eyes are pale and a bit watery these days—less wide than they used to be when he was new to the screen, playing guys who were often new to the world.Fraser was gentle and eager and apparently guileless, and we as a country decided that was something we wanted as frequently as he would provide it, and so he spent some of the best years of his life doing his best to do just that. And on it went—in retrospect, far beyond where Fraser wanted it to go.“I believe I probably was trying too hard, in a way that's destructive,” Fraser says now.Blue-gray stubble around the once mighty chin, gray long-sleeve shirt draped indifferently over the once mighty body.I'm 35: There was a time when the sight of Fraser was as familiar to me as the furniture in my parents' house. If you watched movies at the end of the previous century, you watched Brendan Fraser.

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I was building an exoskeleton for myself daily.” Eventually all these injuries required multiple surgeries: “I needed a laminectomy.

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