Buddhism dating and marriage

There’s a level of joy that comes from connecting with other people in this way that we don’t want to miss out on. However, its highs are dizzying, its lows traumatic enough that we want to rid them from our memory.

Wanting to be in love is natural to the human experience. It almost seems counterintuitive to try to reach contentment and equanimity in our life while also cultivating this roller coaster of emotions.

At some point, these aspects of your partner are likeable but they are not necessarily new and exciting anymore; you do not apply the same level of curiosity as you once did to the relationship since you already know so much about your lover.

Later on down the road, you may just stop being curious about your partner altogether. ” An argument of course immediately followed, based in the all-too-simple truth that sometimes we just stop inquiring who it is we are spending our life with and, as a result, we stop noticing when things change.

Somewhere in the midst of a relationship, certain expectations are set up.

We begin to close off our heart and fend for ourselves instead of being available to hear our partner out.

It is the truth, though, that although we think the same dependable person we dine with every night is one solid thing, they are in fact a conglomeration of experiences and wisdom that is constantly shifting, not unlike the seasons themselves.

To solidify such a person is nonsense, yet we are all guilty of falling into that trap at one point or another.

Elizabeth’s favorite type of ice cream is chocolate and her favorite show is Gossip Girl.

She dresses in this way and likes those sorts of people and never drinks that sort of soft drink.

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You commit to exploring where you are stuck, where you have put up that protective shielding, and how you can open yourself more to your partner.

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