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I feel that people that are writing other people and they’re not responding back yet looking at a photo first should have their accounts froze until they respond back to the messages that they’re receiving.And I would like to also add that if a person is not active for more than a week their account should be deleted by the site and this way it will ensure that people are being proper with keeping up their account.

The Discover Engine suggests members based on historical matching data and in a recent University study by QUT which looked at over 40,000 member connections, this engine has proven to be more successful than standard match algorithms.

The site is part of an extensive network with loads of members all waiting to find people just like you…

Yours Dating is free to join, so why not register today and take a look around?

I also feel that they should have a comment remark sheet on each and every person‘s profile from people that have dealt with the individual that way you’ll know if you’re dealing with a standup person or not by reviewing their comment sheet from open comments on people And how they treat others.

In order for this dating site to be successful and not end up like Plenty Of Fish or plenty of people play plenty of games they need to take it more serious from the perspective of men and women that are being deliberately targeted.

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  2. I feel free and like myself again.”In a separate discussion with Us Weekly, the reality star talked about her newly single status and how she’s eager to date again. “I’m really fully dating again, like fully dating, which is great. “I’ve always said for me, I, the way I used to date was it was boarding school. God knows what’s going to happen.” Mortimer divorced her ex-husband Topper Mortimer in 2010, and was involved in an on/off relationship with Kluth that ended in May.