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For those who do not know on how to generate Events in Grid View you can follow these steps below: I have a project that I coppied the above code into.Parameter name: index Any idea what I need to do to fix this issue?Now you might be thinking what is the big deal in this, yes there is no rocket science involved in editing a resource file, just open any text editor and make the necessary modification.Asking the client to do that will be too much in the asking.Free counters Added on January 19,2012 Follow Me @vmsdurano A bit About Me Disclaimer The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and does not represent the opinions of my employers.

I have a project that I coppied the above code into.

This demo is a continuation of my previous example “Binding Grid View with Data”.

When I do an update, and get to the Grid View1_Row Updating, there is no value passed to "ID", and then when I go to the next row for "Company" I get the following error: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.

Row Index]["id"]); You can do this with any field, but I've found customers get confused when they see the ID field and kept asking me why it was there, this also eliminates any issues if you change the display order of your table later (maybe add an edit/update/cancel control) Hey...great article ;)But I got a problem...

So here I go with my example:protected void Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) and the debugger says: Exception Details: System.

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