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- ~30,000 7D 4,500- 10,000 Lights are almost identical to 1980 lights with the exception of the patent stamping on the barrel. Polished silver lights are introduced sometime after 1981. Reduced Grip Length In order to save on production costs grip lengths are shortened and standardized. This made maintenance easier and production costs less. The plastic ring switch is the only one available as a replacement from Mag Instrument.

They have some differences from all the rest of the Maglites as the design was still a work in progress. Large Switch Cover & Paten Pending Stamped Barrel The switch hole is larger and the cover more bulbous. TM Bezel TM is stamped after the Maglite logo as the trademark was claimed but not registered as shown in the above photo. Lights now carry no stamping opposite the serial Switch Screws Changed Switches now use a proprietary torx screw instead of the standard hex screw.

Please see my post, here, for a detailed explanation of 1979 lights. Low Focus Grip There is a 1/4" gap between the top of the head and the focus grip. All 1979 lights were stamped "Paten Pending" on the barrel opposite the serial number as the patent wasn't approved until 1981. Serial Range 2D 1 - 18,000 3D 1 - 22,000 4D 1 - 11,000 5D 1 - 14,000 6D 1 - 5,000 7D 1 - 4,500 In 1980 the focus grip was moved to its standard location and the switch hole and cover were standardized. In the picture below is a torx screw (left) vs a hex screw (right).

Parts are sometimes switched making the lights difficult to identify.

Below is a checklist of which features are found on which age range lights.

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Focus Grip Location Standardized The focus grip is now located even with the top of the head as in the above photo. R Bezel The Maglite trademark was registered in 1981 but it wasn't until 1987 that Maglite decided to update the bezel and step up enforcement of their trademarks due to competition from other manufacturers. Please find more info in the following article: The light receives 2 minor updates, removal of stamping and an update to the switch. I also know that there were minor updates to the letter serial switch around 2000 because there are 2 different types of switches. 2018 Bezel The Maglite logo on the bezel is updated to conform with Maglite's new lights.

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