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Just so that she was comfortable with me entering her personal space.I tried to move the coffee cup close to hers’ such that our fingers could touch.The next day it took the late slow train in the morning, but she was not there in her station. I must admit I like my women a little on the plump side; a little mass and handful. She must have been 24-25 that’s young for a girl in London to get married. Either she forgot to take it off or she must have something else on her mind.

If you have traveled in a Indian public transport you would have noticed that the majority of people love to talk. The most noise you can hear is from music leaking out of the headphones from your neighbor. In India if you travel with the same person in the bus by the second day you would have had a nice chat with them?

I started complimenting her on her eyes, smile, hair, and figure. Then decided to roll the dice and said “love your lips, want taste them”. I told her I live alone and she can come to see my house if she likes. Cause most women complain men are in too much hurry, well men will be if you keeping making these noises.

She got the hint but was playing hard to get; must have been because she had never been with another man apart from her husband. I took another deep breath and went for the left nipple this time.

I tried to put her at ease – talked about her work what she does, what she does in her free time.

During all this time I tried to get close to her physically.

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Anyways as my way of saying yes baby I am getting your signal and I want to fuck you. I got up my seat as the train approached and looked at her nicely now. I could make out it was her my looking at her boots (during the train all I could see for the entire journey were her boots). I made a mental note to myself to remember this building.

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