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She warned Charlie that she carried Mace in "The Nightman Cometh".She sprayed a Mace-like can on Dee and Dennis when they followed her late at night.He has also appeared as a presenter on the British TV show Friday Download.He met Leondre Devries, AKA "Bars," over Facebook in 2013.He was 11 years old when he started singing and even joined some schoolmates of his to form a band. He was interviewed with his musical partner Leondre on The Ellen De Generes Show before their semi-finals appearance on Britain's Got Talent.He has a younger sister named Brooke and his mother's name is Karen.

Charlie's scheme to get back at Dennis by encouraging Mac to bang Dennis' mom leads to a series of complications that eventually leads the Waitress to bang Frank to get back at Dennis after she spots him trying to bang both Mac and Charlie's moms to get back at them. The Waitress agrees to be his sponsor, but soon Charlie abuses her kindness by using this as an excuse to constantly go to her apartment.

In an earlier episode the Waitress asks Dee "if she went to high school?

" when Dee tricks her into filling out a job application for her (In the syndication run of the episode the line is changed saying she doesn't know Dee's address).

She, in turn, uses him to get her close to Dennis, who is coaching a kids' basketball team as part of his sentence for the fire.

When Dennis uses the fact she is Charlie's sponsor as his excuse to turn her down when she asks him out on a date, she stops being Charlie's sponsor, which causes him to start drinking again.

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After seeing her wear a Livestrong bracelet, Charlie schemes up a strategy to get her to date him starting with telling Dennis he has cancer.

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