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Talking about things happening in real life will make you look more mature and socially adept.You may talk about her favorite sport, film, television show or current events (note that the focus here is on things that interest her, not you).If you wear uniform in your school, do it properly as you will look mature, smart and sophisticated. Conclusion There are no guarantees that these techniques will work.Your female teacher may be married and your advances may not be welcome at all.

I would love to be apart of the conversation and your mission.

However, do not look like you are trying too hard to impress her or challenging her for an academic showdown. Acknowledge her Always acknowledge her whenever you bump into her around the school; say a simple “hello! And if she has time to talk, ask her how she is doing and listen keenly to what she says.

Tell her that you enjoyed her previous lecture and are looking forward to the next one.

Chat with Teachers aims to build a collection of online teacher mentors sharing tips and strategies that work for them, their own personal “a-ha” moments, and their journey as an educator.

It is without a doubt that student success depends wholly on teacher success – and it is with this in mind that we must value teacher voice and narratives.

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