Christine akiteng dating your ex review

There just a waste of time and your money (if you have to pay for it). Funny thing is I think I have read some stuff this person posted on a website or someone here posted it. If I could go back in time, I would prevent myself from ever visiting her site.

She recommends low contact, which is a fantastic way to keep your wounds open and fresh.

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All the effort you put into low contact just serves to dilute your own healing, and increases the chances that your ex will get sick of you and take drastic efforts to remove you from his/her life.

I couldn’t get out of bed for weeks because my entire body was weighed down by depression. Then what you do is take them at their word and long after they’ve already forgotten what they said, you are still telling yourself that because they said it.You dwell on what they said because it may have hurt your feelings and now your inner dialogue keeps telling you that.All e-books that have had some recorded success are just a variation on the plan of no contact, improve yourself, he/she initiates contact, if not you re-iniate contact and go from there.The others are just trying to make a quick buck by offering "alternatives" that will not work in a majority of cases.

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IMO are evil and only try to capitalize on weak individuals who are desperate to get their exes back.

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