Consolidating worksheets in excel 2016

To link one workbook to another, you will use an external reference formula.The syntax for this formula is = (Workbook Name) Sheet Name! To create the external reference formula, open up the source workbook, then click the cell in the dependent workbook where you will put the formula.The dependent workbook is the workbook that contains the formula that links it to the other workbook.It is dependent on the information in the other workbook.

This means if the information in one worksheet or workbook changes, the formulas are updated automatically.

For example, if you have two worksheets that contain sales data, and they both have the same column headers.

However, consolidation can be more difficult if they do not contain the same information. We will teach you all you need to know in this article.

You will then see the following dialogue box: Select a new source file, then click the Open button.

If you want to remove links to a source workbook and turn the external reference formulas to values, go to the Edit Links dialogue box. You can consolidate two worksheets from the same workbook, or you can consolidate several workbook files.

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