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In the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Global Gender Gap Report, China ranked 99th out of 144 countries surveyed, implying that there is still a long way to go in terms of gender equality.

At the same time, dating in China has become increasingly expensive.

But curiously, the women expressed an expectation to pay more.

One survey question read: “On a date, what percentage of expenses should be paid for by the woman?

Not long ago, I had lunch at a restaurant near my university with a girl I was interested in.

We calculated that on average, women pay for about a quarter of the cost of a date.As my survey shows, young, well-educated female college students are gradually divesting themselves of being paid for and are looking toward a dating model whereby costs are shared more equally.I’ve learned that men are generally still permitted to play the gentleman and foot the bill, and that a majority of women won’t feel discomfited by this chivalric gesture.“My mother and father went to so much trouble to raise such a beautiful daughter,” she reasoned. Much like my female companion that day, many modern Chinese women who value their autonomy no longer want men to pick up the bill.“By having the chance to date me, you’ve already gotten lucky. These differences in opinion reflect the ever more diverse ways that gender roles are perceived in Chinese society.

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But hard-up male college students who balk at the constantly climbing cost of a date will surely welcome women who are willing to share expenses and not consider it an assault on their masculinity.

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  1. The idea that somehow earnings received passively from the stock market (AKA casino) are more worthy of encouragement or incentive than earnings received from the hard work of its people, is a sham and is truly representative of a populace that values speculation over real work.