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If you like magic, you might know some magicians in that case you might as well know Criss Angel.

Given that you’ve been performing pretty much your entire life, how would you say your act has evolved? What I do at The Luxor 10 times a week, what I do over 450 times a year, we believe is the most revolutionary magic spectacular or experience that you could have.

The ‘Mean Girls’ star was seen holding hands with the 39-year-old magician at Las Vegas nightclub Pure on Saturday before the pair left together at 5am.

But it shouldn’t be long before he comes up with a new girl.

He is famous for starring in the TV and stage show Criss Angel Mindfreak, and his live performance illusion shows Criss Angel Believe.

This magician had lots of ladies in his life, he was even married twice but every relationship failed.

In 2002, Criss married Jo Ann Winkhart, his longtime girlfriend.

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He proposed to Sandra Gonzalez on September 7, 2011, in Cabo San Lucas during a sunset dinner. They stayed engaged for some time but then they had to part away as his ex-fiance Sandra sued Angel for not supporting her financially in 2015.

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