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At the insistence of her best friend, Holly signs up for the dating website “Cupid’s Arrow,” where she meets Josh, an attorney just hired by the school.He’s everything she wants on the surface, but has little to say beyond his work and good looks.

For us, its important that we help the young adults that we come in contact with to marry Jewish, said Aida Drizin, co-director of The Intown Chabad in Uptown Dallas for young professionals.The premise is that a woman who has worked hard on getting her Ph D & is a professor feels like she hasn't done anything valuable with her life & must get a man ASAP. It's offensive from the outset & so misogynistic I could barely get through it, when usually I can ignore much of that stuff.The actors do a decent job with the crap they've been given (& remember, if this sappy movie lover says that about the writing, IT' S BAD).I don't miss a one on multiple channels, even tracking them with lists 82nd calendars.This one is written so obnoxiously I could hardly tolerate it.

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Even Facebook is used these days as a means for finding love.

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