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They’re always smiling, always warm and affectionate and they love people. Flirting is usually harmless, but if you’re not comfortable with your man flirting with all the pretty ladies he sees, then this might be a big problem for your relationship. The problem with Jamaican men who flirt with everyone is that some Jamaican men believe that being monogamous isn’t for them.

They cheat, not because they’re unhappy with your relationship but because they want to be with multiple women at the same time.

However, for couples that love cooking (and eating) together, dating a Jamaican man could be the perfect recipe.

As we go through the list of pros and cons it’s important to note that not all Jamaican men fall into these categories, but if you’re not careful you might not realize there’s a problem until it happens. His family is everything, and having family around whenever possible is something that’s very important.But for women who like to let their men take over, you can’t miss with a Jamaican man.Food plays an important role in a Jamaican man’s life.He will have grown up with home cooked meals from his mother, so he’ll expect the same in a relationship.He’s not one to go grab fast food, though staying in and ordering a gourmet takeout meal isn’t out of the question.

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When navigating the complex world that is dating, it’s important to arm yourself with as much information as possible.

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