Dating a royal

Behind those blacked-out windows sit princes, here for the months of July and August to escape the blistering heat of their own countries. Even if he does look about six years my junior and I have a thicker moustache than him. Brokers who used to live in Dubai stop to chat – “My ambition is to broke for others so I can get rich,” says Ali.

I’ve got a prime spot outside Café L’Opera in Knightsbridge, on a warm Sunday afternoon in late July, watching as another four-by-four pulls up. I can’t imagine he owns any clothes that aren’t pin-striped.

The two began seeing each other in 2003 and announced their engagement in October of 2010, after William proposed to Catherine in Kenya. Upon their engagement in 2017, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed that their relationship was "definitely a set up." Harry revealed he and Meghan were introduced by a mutual friend, but the couple chose to protect their matchmaker's privacy.He asks if Yasmin and I are sisters, which makes me laugh a lot (she’s very clearly Mauritian and I’m very clearly not). With my friend, Kara, I begin to peruse the various stalls.The ones dedicated to shooting look promising, with small groups of strong-jawed, curly-haired, Barbour-clad men fondling artillery.I’m in France – Champagne, no less – the country synonymous with romance, chivalry and gooey brie.It’s a scorching summer night and I’m peering out from behind a marble pillar at the trés swanky Domaine les Crayères, on a mission of extreme importance.

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My usual tactic would be to ask for a lighter, but I've quit smoking.

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