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Let this be a condition to the relationship and see how it goes." It might feel orchestrated, but it can teach them what you need and expect.

Sometimes we let selfish people steamroll us because we don't understand our worth.

where Molly's ex approaches her wanting her back, but she refuses. Instead, I waited until the guy walked away from me. For a long time he would take what I not-so-jokingly termed “3-5 business days” to text me back.

"Ever since we met it's about what I'm doing wrong... I was lucky to get a response in anything less than an eight-hour minimum lag time.

It only sets you up for being emotionally drained and hurt." So show yourself love — indulge in hobbies, make time for self-care, focus on your own needs and put theirs on the back burner. Sometimes we don't know we're acting selfish until someone spells it out for us, so speak up.

But don't do it an aggressive way or else that'll just tailspin into a fight. Check Out: Communication Miracles for Couples , , Amazon If you toss a one liner like "You need to change ASAP" at your partner, they're just going to think you're nagging.

Couples counselor Elly Prior of Professional Counselling offered, "Emphasize the benefits — to him or her, you and the relationship of a particular change or action, so that it builds their view of themselves of being 'good.'" If they see how much a simple tweak can make you happy and strengthen your bond, it'd be crazy for them not to put forth the effort.

It's like I stepped into the scene, but wasn't strong enough to read Molly’s lines. Once my relationship with this selfish person ended, I surprisingly felt relief when I walked away from his apartment, almost like I just had a tapeworm extracted. For months, I wasn't strong enough to remove him, even though deep down I knew having him with me was wrong.

maybe it’s time to start thinking about someone other than yourself.” I saw this movie when I was a little girl, and little did I know that it would become my reality as an adult.

Use positive affirmations like, 'I’m a really awesome person who doesn’t even mind sharing the last scoop of ice cream in the house.' If you've been dating longer than two months, chances are you and your partner had to work on other problems together to come to a happy medium.

When bringing up their selfishness, first bring attention to those past successes.

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