Dating a woman with children feelings

Because let’s face it, you’ll basically be their stepmom.

Now, don’t overstep your role, but you’ll have to show her you’re not going to negatively affect their child’s life.

They may be temperamental and opinionated around you because they’re hurt.If you have possession issues and are highly jealous, this isn’t going to work out for you. For example, if a boat is sinking, they usually get the women and children off of the boat first.But if there’s one life jacket left, and it’s between you and little Tommy, well, you better know how to swim. You don’t have kids, so I understand that this isn’t easy to grasp, but, that child is literally a part of him.What I suggest, spend some time individually with them and let them ask you whatever they’d like.You can also sit down with them and let them know that you’re not trying to replace their mother.

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So, before you agree to a second date with this guy, seriously think about what you want, because this isn’t only about you anymore.

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