Dating a womans point of view

Things have been up in the air […] When I turned 18 years old in North Africa, my father’s friend who had become a widower asked my father for my hand in marriage.

My mother was told to get me ready for marriage to this man whom she knew would be good for my father’s business as a builder.

We enjoyed some tea in the waiting room until they called us in. I looked into his dreamy blue eyes as he started kissing me softly on the lips, then my neck and ears.

They gave us the usual overview and stepped out to let us disrobe. I […] My gorgeous hot wife Lani mumbled as she stumbled through the door just before daylight. Her long black hair in a tossled pile atop her head. With downcast eyes, “Yes baby, your wife has been a bad girl tonight.” “COME HERE, BEND OVER MY KNEE, AND TELL ME ALL ABOUT […] I had the most amazing night and it’s getting to be habit forming.

I have laid my clothes aside and situated myself under the […] It must have been three am when I awakened from a sound sleep finding myself unable to move. She usually came home about midnight or one on the nights she went to visit Mikee. She knew I always waited up so I could hear all about her […] “HAVE YOU BEEN A BAD GIRL? My husband kissed me goodbye as I hurried to meet my lover.

My final free limb was being secured tightly to the bedpost. It was his idea, but after some initial hesitance I agreed, but only if I could choose who. If you want to read about the beginning you […] I hope you liked my first true life story, “Diary of a shared wife.” This one is about the first time my husband shared me with my lover in our own bed.

If someone chose you because they believed your color was more successful, or less dramatic?This is the rough underbelly of the interracial dating and relationship beast that I always find detestable.When a person (man or woman) tells me that they date white because of the experience with their own race was less successful, that tells me that you chose someone based on their race (white), not because you simply fell in love with them.Needless to say, there are a lot of black women who have bought into the hype that good black men are becoming extinct. I’ll pass.” So you’ll pass on black men, and date interracial because of your choices in men?I find that some women and men, “switch-up-the-program,” because of their negative experience with a handful of people.

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I’m a firm believer that love doesn’t have a color, and that people should choose based on compatibility, and symmetry—not color.

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