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The events will mostly be in my photography studio or at a local pub, both on Moody St in Waltham. The studio is a very cool artist loft in a converted mill.If you're single it is likely that there is at least some interest in meeting someone. Its sometime easier to just hang out by yourself or with one or two people that you know. But as people are sometimes shy in social situations there might be a little help sometimes to ease into meeting the folks that are there.You can also choose to chat privately with someone or participate in a group chat if you're a bit shy and want to test the waters.

This chat room can be used on your mobile device or computer and is completely free.

So many shy people believe that dating is hopeless because they come to a roadblock when trying to meet others but the right tool is out there - and we're it!

You can join our site for free and meet people online today, give it a shot; you've got nothing to lose.

Hi I'm posting this event on another one of my meetup groups. https:// Dating/events/240909432/ By the way, that meetup group is AWESOME!! (If you haven't been married before, its ok to join that group, you will most likely find comraderie with the folks there- single , similar age group, etc) See you soon!

I may be closing this one soon and consolidating them.

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