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Not in a cooped-up-in-a-dark-basement-without-socializing kind of way, but more of a graphic means of stimulation when the self needs some loving. Internet accountability website Covenant Eyes released a collection of pornography statistics in 2013 that proved quite interesting. By 2011, both of these numbers decreased by due in large part to the amount of free pornography available online.As a result of all this explicit consumption, I like to think I’ve discovered the best free websites to visit. The website discovered that roughly a decade ago, global porn revenues were estimated at a resounding billion, with half of this profit coming from U. Covenant Eyes estimates that 80% to 90% of internet users solely access free pornography. I mean, why pay for pornography when there’s ample resources available for free?At first, I couldn’t differentiate between Pornhub and Pornhub Premium and thought I had to click some special menu option that took me to a more luxe-looking website.It turns out that the premium version of the website was essentially more of the same.Reports are coming in that Adam Lazzara (Taking Back Sunday) was recently married in Austin, TX and that the happy couple is expecting their first child.Congratulations to him and Mischa.(source)second Apparently Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory) and Hayley Williams (Paramore) are dating.

They are expecting their first child in the fall, and our family wishes them no ill will.

Except over time, you discover (like I did) that these shortened clips tend to contain the best shots that the clip has to offer, and you end up skipping two-thirds of the video anyways.

Being able to watch full DVDs, however, was much a much more satisfying perk, and allows you to better appreciate a well-written script and promising adult actors than you do when a clip is edited down to cut out the dialogue entirely.

We will not be pulled in, or talk about how this has affected our lives, or Chauntelle's, and we hope that people here will respect this time as we take time to heal.

(source: eisley journal)tbh, i mock but i do feel a little bit bad.

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