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It seems to cover all nonprofessional relationships that an agent might have, romantic or not, including those with family and friends.

Not all agents choose to report their contacts, but they are administered periodic polygraph tests in which they are grilled on the subject.

(and no my job wasn't THAT interesting so a future SO wouldn't miss out on much : P )Read in this article. I could NOT keep the elicit thoughts from happening and I could not just act like myself because his presence was just too friggen distracting. Was that some sort of CIA test to determine if I could keep my cool against such horrific odds? Only an idiot would lie about that just to get a date.

Valerie Plame calls CIA the 'world's largest dating agency' - Dave Ross Blog - My Okay, so aside from all the Hollywood romanticizing, there are a couple of things about this that make it an inherently complicated deal: One time, I had the opportunity to chat with someone who was by far, the best looking person I've ever seen. And he had a Ph D to boot and made well over 6 figures. 99.9999999999% of the time, I'm all about the personality and brains. holy crap, I could not get past the looks coupled with the knowledge of his intelligence. And for the life of me, I can not recall what he looked like, where he was from or what his degree was in. lol I'm far from telling everything I've seen, including her name.

You chuckled, loving how you could make your 'butch' girlfriend blush.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.- Benjamin Franklin Shavonte knew it was wrong to snoop but she was curious. In fact, for as long as she has been dating you, you never mentioned your job. So she sat in your office and looked at the papers and files. You walked over and picked the papers up, putting them back in order and putting them in the file. " You sighed, before tapping her, signalling for her to get up and you sat back in your seat before pulling her into your lap. And considering when she received it her birthday was two months away and their anniversary was for another three, she had no idea why you had given it to her.She didn't understand some of them- they were in different languages- but she could understand the bright red stamp across some of them. Shavonte watched you put it on the desk next to your laptop and she finally looked at you. "Baby Girl." She blushed at her nickname and pressed her face in the crook of your neck.I kept the bargain and nobody had any problems with that. If I can't spot my SO in a beard, wig and hat and makeup from 10 feet away then he's not my SO because we haven't banged. If she refuses to tell you where she works, 99.99% of the chance she is not a CIA agent. If somebody cannot even tell their family member they are working for CIA, they are not working for CIA LOL Can you tell family members you are working for the CIA? If somebody come up to me and say, "I cannot tell you where I work, it is top secret." I would say, "Yeah, whatever." If somebody come up to me and tell me they are working for CIA, I would want to see a valid work ID, problem solved.I'm out of the business now but I guess my confidentiality agreements will not expire until the facilities I've worked at are closed/removed... If I am just a client, please dear CIA make him like the man above so I can enjoy it. By no means am I implying the girl that you are interested in is Not working for CIA, I am just saying that please don't dramatize their job nature, they can have normal dating and family life. edit: pretending to be government agent or active duty military personnel is federal crime.

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