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The same technique has been used in leans heavily on Hong Kong Kung Fu movies.

The actors even trained for months with legendary fight choreographer Yuen Woo-ping to get their moves down right. Rather than ripping off all these genres, the Wachowski’s have paid probably the best homage to them.

It was a great way to introduce the mood of the film.

Then watch a similar scene in as Neo is being interrogated. The Wachowski’s also make great use of vertical shots, like a bottom view of a helicopter, upon which Keanu is feverishly shooting a 50 caliber cannon.

There’s never been a better time for science fiction, and especially this type.

The hanging incandescent bulb is swinging silently, casting an eerie green glow in the room.

goes beyond setting and creates an original fantastic world.

At the heart of both films is a keen appreciation of illusion and unreality.

Ambitious sci-fi noir, with rich production design and a dense, Kafkaesque concept.

For more about Dark City and the Dark City Blu-ray release, see Dark City Blu-ray Review published by Every sci-fi generation has a gold-standard that deserves recognition for its dense layering and memorable impact on movie-going audiences.

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