Dating follow up emails

It’s been a pleasure [following your career/hearing you speak at X events/reading your work/keeping up with what you’re doing].

Your advice on landing page optimization was so helpful; I’ve actually shared your tips with my whole team.

If your colleague just got a promotion or switched jobs, you should absolutely use that as your reason for reaching out. I just saw this article about [something that’s related to his or her job, hobby, or side hustle], and thought you might enjoy it. I just saw this article about the value of becoming an Eagle Scout and immediately thought of you and your stories about Troop 31. We all have contacts in our professional networks we only know virtually—but feel like we’ve must’ve met because the (Twitter) conversation always flows.

But if he hasn’t, then find an article he’d be interested in and use that. To keep up with them, we can’t rely on what we learn during office happy hours or run-ins at local events, but we use social media.

It can be tricky to form a professional relationship with someone you met in a casual setting, like at a bar, restaurant, or party.

But if you meet someone and think he or she could be beneficial to your career (and vice versa), you should absolutely try to do so.

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