Dating for one month birthday present

So many couples we've talked to would rather spend time doing an activity than wasting time worrying about a material item.At the end of the day, you know your significant other better than you think.i think a 0 watch is a lot for a struggling college student.i think it would be a lot even for a man who was quite well off in terms of it being rather early in the relationship for such a present.Granted I still have 3 months to think about it, but I dont want to be doing any last minute worrying.By November, we will have been dating for almost 9 months and I was thinking on getting her a Marc Jacobs watch (~0) as a sort of combined Birthday/Christmas gift.Hi all As of right now, my girlfriend have known each other for about 6.5 months and have been in a relationship for 4.5 so our relationship is pretty young.

that is wayyy too much money to spend if you are dating this was me it would make me feel very uncomfortable if my BF spend that much money on me this early on, like he was trying to buy my affection or something... But, its hard for me to get close to a woman now to even want to buy her anything, so the NOW me would say not to spend that much.You know what will make them happy, so just go with your gut.If it's telling you he would love the pair of socks, get them.Book something you guys can do together as a couple.Whether it's a cooking class, a spa date, or an actual getaway, this is the perfect solution when you may not know their size, preferences, or are just straight up worried.

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