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Whatever the true reason, this isn’t a problem that can be ignored.Have you noticed a weird vibration at speed, almost as if a tire is out of balance? a list of the best I've heard of, and the links at the very end have the websites with EVERY car museum known. A lot of museums have collections of hood ornaments, the Nethercutt has an amazing collection.Try your library, and see if they have one of the many books made about hood ornaments.

and some see this guide and with all the items it has, it still doesn't have the one they need to figure out. the above image is the Gilmore Museum's display, looks like they have a complete collection, so try and sk them if you can't find what you're looking for Marland has been taking photos of hood ornaments and was wise enough to caption the images (unlike most of my photos) with the year and model, so see his selection because it is awsome, at a small sample of it is pictured below you can also look through the photos and descriptions at and all the rest of you who can't find a match to identify the radiator cap or hood ornament you have, and still want help, try the auto museums, which ever one you happen to live closest to.

If left unaddressed, this small issue could create havoc in your truck’s fuel delivery systems.

This means you have two options: plug your fingers in your ears and hope it doesn’t happen to you, or replace your fuel tank with a polyethylene fuel tank from Raybuck — taking matters into your own hands and ridding yourself of the problem once and for all.

Just below these words in the upper left hand corner, spotted by sharp eyes of Dale Stephens, are the 1956 FENDER ornaments.

So the maker of these posters has the wrong year and concept.

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However, this was not an official recall and no action was ever taken by Ford to replace tanks.

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