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Apply the studies that had been learn into action through helping charity organization and experience the joy of giving .4.

Promotes healthy lifestyle which it can involve sports together and introduce NEWSTART ( Nutrition , Exercise , Water, Sunshine, Temperance , Air , Rest and Trust in God)5. So if you're new in J-town and you would like to look for a community who loves God and want to help spreading to others, please join.

so, Tinder could be both blessing and curse sometimes!

Well , the purpose of this groups is for us to be able to say Yes to all the above question.

ALIVE stands for Always Living in Vision of Eternity while REAL stands for Radically Excited about the Lord In Mathews -21 encourage not to store our treasures on earth but in heaven and how to do that is by becoming Christ ambassadors in this world and strive not only to have close personal relationship with Jesus but also have the strive to give love and service to others.

Some of the programs that Alive & Real done on a regular basis are :1.

Your privacy is very important to us, and you always have control over it.

Your exact location and your personal data remain secret. You decide for yourself if, when, and how you want to connect with someone.

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For me (a guy), most girls would have little to nothing in their bios (let alone anything interesting), and even if we match, I very rarely have good, flowing conversations because the girls would just give really brief and basic responses.

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