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On the day of our date, my nerves got the best of my mobility, making me wobble and stumble more than usual.I asked to hold his hand since my trembling legs couldn't keep me balanced. I was an old woman he was helping across the street. I still have the urge to bury my face in my hands when I think back on that moment.

The most important thing I have learned about dating with a disability and chronic illness is that when it comes to the dating process, it all starts with you.In his eyes, I wasn't a failed date, or even an autonomous human woman. He was focusing on the discomfort of being associated with me romantically.Walking with me made him into an object of pity, too.These negative experiences, however, didn’t take away from my experience of online dating and learning about how it works.Related:​ Learning to Fall in My Life With Cerebral Palsy" data-reactid="29"Know What You’re Looking For The truth of the matter is that dating with chronic illness can be difficult, but as long as you know your boundaries and what qualities you’re looking for in a person you may date, it becomes easier.

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