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Cops trap pedophiles this way all the time by pretending to be underage kids, and get convictions this way. If her can afford a lawyer, he should probably consult with one. The other individual is likely guilty of the same crime, and can't report it without getting busted himself for a felony for possessing child pornography. He needs to delete any material off his machines IMMEDIATELY!!!! In any case, the fact that they appear lets you know for sure if it is a scam. On the other hand, your friend is obviously being blackmailed by the guy that called him. He has to make sure he can go to the police on the blackmail without getting arrested himself. If they don't show up they may be child pornography, but could still be normal pornography. Not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that demanding money in exchange for not going to the police is extortion. Share photos, discuss on forums, chat with other users for free and without limitations.You can talk with other people of your age about your passions, favorites and other stuff.there are plenty of older girls like that too just look around a little more if that is what works for you. and in general, i think relationships are more successful when you are in similar life stages.for example, you are now an adult, probably living on your own, you have a job, or are in college.

There was actually something similar that happened awhile back when I was taking a course at a community college.

He received a call saying it was her dad and that he wanted money in exchange for not taking it to the police.

I wouldn't be worried for him if he hadn't continued the relationship.

I know underage dating is kind of an taboo subject for some people but lately it's been... It's like being trapped in a bad situation where the only girls interested in you are at least 5, 4 years younger, and the majority of girls your own age would rather date an older guy. For years I focused only on girls around my age, but it seems alot of guys my age are hitting on high school girls who are 15, 16.

In all states it's like this but especially in arizona it seems like you can get branded as a sex offender pretty easily. Naturally younger girls are easier to get, and girls in general seem to want an older, mature guy; but it's not built around the assumption that girls might want to date older guys and guys might naturally go after younger girls.

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