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The king's body was encased in a coffin of solid gold sheet two millimetres thick, weighting over 90 kilos (2,900 ounces).The head of his mummy was shrouded in a great mask of beaten gold.THE ART & CULTURE OF GOLD KNOWLEDGE IS PRECIOUS Overview From the very first discoveries of gold along the rivers of Africa and Asia the sheer ease with which the metal could be worked inspired craftsmen to shape it for adornment.

'Sumerian jewellery fulfilled practically all the functions which were to occur during the course of history,' observed the jewellery historian, Guido Gregorietti.

By about 300 BC Greek jewellery styles had largely taken over in Italy and the Etruscan tradition faded away until European jewellers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries sought to replicate it.

The Romans When Rome expanded its Empire to take in most of the ancient world from Britain to the borders of Persia, it inherited the Greek empire and often the Greek jewellers of the East and the Celtic traditions of the West.

Today, jewellery is a mass-market product and, as such, consumes virtually all newly-mined gold.

That is nothing new; gold was made into jewellery long before it was used as money.

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  1. Based on all that, and since I'm coding that stuff anyway, would you recommend that I switch from using Sql Data Sources to Object Data Sources and better encapsulate the data access code, which would make transition to 3 tier easier anyway?