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He settled in Antigua, the former colonial capital of the Spanish empire in Mesoamerica.

He and his godson, José Domingo Noriega, photographed mestizos of all classes, indigenous families, and civilian and religious elites, recording the professional identity and social status of their subjects.

They also documented local popular traditions and the natural and urban landscape of the region, leaving an excellent record of the state of Antigua's colonial architecture in the late 1800s -- after the 1773 earthquake but before the devastating earthquake of 1976 which left the city in ruins.

Tomás Zanotti was a contemporary of Yas, and born in Mexico to a Mexican mother and an Italian father.

Five sets of digital copies have been produced and burned onto archival gold DVDs.Stratigraphic and sedimentological analysis as well as the Foraminifers record of the Jurassic and Cretaceous Formations, in the southern part of the Maya Block in Guatemala, show that the Todos Santos, San Ricardo, Cobán, Campur and Sepur Formations constitute a lithostratigraphic group, characteristic of the southern margin of this block, from the present Pacific coast to the Caribbean shore of eastern Guatemala.The new stratigraphic data indicate that the Cretaceous shallow carbonate platform settled during Aptian and drowned during late Campanian, after a late Jurassic rifting phase.With some cleaning and repair, these glass plate negatives will transfer well onto internegatives.These two collections are the only significant collections of images of their kind in existence today.

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